2014 MTV VMAs: Best Accessories & Worst Accessories

2014 MTV VMAs: Best Accessories & Worst Accessories

Last night we watched the good, the bad and the tragically overdone take to the red carpet for the 2014 MTV VMAs. Here, we recap the best and worst accessories we saw on the red carpet.


Worst: Katy Perry’s Three –No, Six– Medusas

OK, so we feel like we’re in on the joke Katy Perry was telling with her custom Versace outfit at last night’s VMAs. But the repeated Versace Medusa motif on her necklace, chain belt and handbag? A little bit much. Actually… those may even be Medusas on her ears and on her ring finger. Yup, that’s just a little too much.


Best: Gwen Stefani’s Goth Nails & Ring Assortment

So… #fulladmission I really just wanted an excuse to add my favorite woman on earth to this list. Gwen Stefani’s outfit is totally on point, and I’m loving her goth black nails and ring assortment.


Worst: Beyonce’s Earlobe Murderers Earrings

Yawn. OK? Just yaaaaaaaawn. And, I mean, really, how can Beyonce hold her head up high with that much weight on her earlobes? Take ’em off, woman. They’re giving me a headache.


Best: Lucy Hale’s Mirrored Belt

She looks appropriately fun and youthful for an event that is essentially a celebration of all that is fun and youthful in music.


Best: Ariana Grande’s Thigh-High Leather Boots

Thigh-high leather boots are maybe the sexiest shoes ever. Grande’s legs looks fierce. My only qualm with the outfit? Everything else about it. When you’ve got on super tight leather thigh-high boots, wearing anything else that’s overtly sexual is just overkill. If she’d worn a looser dress or one that covered the tops of her boots, she would have looked perfectly sexy.

Best: Charli XCX’s Fun Clutch

There weren’t many clutches on the 2014 MTV VMAs red carpet, and even fewer were truly worth noticing. Charli XCX’s bold orange clutch with black stars catches your eye, even against the garish yellow-orange zebra jumpsuit.

Agree? Disagree? Think we missed something? Share in the comments below!

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